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......@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ author: Chen Chen (
- install them by running `pip install -r requirements.txt`
## Test segmentation
- For a quick start, we provide test samples under `test_data` subdir
- LVSA segmentation
- `python --sequence LVSA`
- VLA segmentation
......@@ -30,8 +31,25 @@ author: Chen Chen (
- LVOT segmentation
- `python --sequence LVOT`
Results will be saved under `test_results` by default
## Customize your need
- please read for avanced settings.
- python --sequence {sequence_name} --root_dir {root_dir} --image_format {image_format_name} --save_folder_path {dir to save the result} --save_name_format {name of nifti file}
- In this demo, our test data are structured like:
- test_data
- patientX01
- lvsa_img_ED.nii.gz
- lvsa_img_ES.nii.gz
- 4CH
- 4CH_img_ED.nii.gz
- LVOT_img_ED.nii.gz
- VLA_img_ED.nii.gz
- e.g.
- predict LVSA: `python --sequence LVSA --root_dir 'test_data/' --image_format 'LVSA/LVSA_img_{}.nii.gz' --save_folder_path 'test_results/' --save_format_name 'seg_sa_{}.nii.gz' `
- please read for avanced settings (batch size, image resampling).
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