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Building on Solaris or Other Unices
1. Extract the datadec-1,0.tgz file, creating a datadec-1.0 directory
1. Extract the datadec-1.0.tgz file, creating a datadec-1.0 directory
2. Compile datadec:
......@@ -32,13 +32,10 @@ and install it (rpm -i) from there, or do a source build:
1. Download the datadec-1.0.tgz file and save it in your RPM SOURCES directory.
2. Extract the package SPEC file:
2. Download the package spec file datadec.spec:
tar xzf datadec-1.0.tgz datadec-1.0/PKG/RPM
3. Build the package using the spec file:
3. Enter the directory and build the package:
cd datadec-1.0/PKG/RPM
rpm -bb datadec.spec
4. Now you can install the datadec-1.0-1.is386.rpm that you just built,
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