Commit 98e3dade authored by dcw's avatar dcw
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added a few more predefined type equivalences to the lookup table

parent 1ce38d72
......@@ -689,16 +689,21 @@ struct typelookup
static struct typelookup lookup[] = {
"int", "INTEGER", "WriteInteger",
"Int", "INTEGER", "WriteInteger",
"INT", "INTEGER", "WriteInteger",
"INTEGER", "INTEGER", "WriteInteger",
"string", "string", "WriteString",
"STRING", "string", "WriteString",
"String", "String", "WriteString",
"real", "REAL", "WriteReal",
"float", "REAL", "WriteReal",
"Real", "REAL", "WriteReal",
"REAL", "REAL", "WriteReal",
"float", "REAL", "WriteReal",
"Float", "REAL", "WriteReal",
"char", "CHAR", "WriteChar",
"Char", "CHAR", "WriteChar",
"CHAR", "CHAR", "WriteChar",
"bool", "BOOLEAN", "WriteBool",
"Bool", "BOOLEAN", "WriteBool",
"BOOL", "BOOLEAN", "WriteBool",
"BOOLEAN", "BOOLEAN", "WriteBool",
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