Commit d4c2de02 authored by Duncan White's avatar Duncan White
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minor tweaks to the Makefile, making it more similar to the c-tools version

parent 37d82980
......@@ -9,7 +9,6 @@ BINDIR = $(DEST)/bin
MANDIR = $(DEST)/man/man1
CC = gcc
#CC = cc
EXECS = datadec
......@@ -20,16 +19,16 @@ datadec_objs = datadec.o parser.o lexer.o struct.o decs.o optimize.o
all: $(EXECS)
install: $(EXECS)
install -m 755 $(EXECS) $(BINDIR)
install -m 644 $(MANDIR)/datadec.1
/bin/rm -f *.o a.out core $(EXECS)
cd test; make clean
install: $(EXECS)
#install -m 755 $(EXECS) $(BINDIR)
install -m 755 $(EXECS) $(ARCHDIR)
install -m 644 $(MANDIR)/datadec.1
datadec: $(datadec_objs)
$(CC) -g -o datadec $(datadec_objs)
datadec.o: struct.h lexer.h parser.h decs.h optimize.h
decs.o: struct.h decs.h
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