Commit dfbbea10 authored by Duncan White's avatar Duncan White

added proper anagram-specific README file (leaving the old one outside of git)

parent c08fa767
Let's use an experimental ElasticSearch cluster (set up on the DoC private
cloud, see the upcoming ElasticSearch Cloud Tutorial for details) to
discover anagram sets..
Various Perl scripts (and a utility module to:
insert-words-and-sigs: insert all the words in a word list,
along with their letter signatures.
bulkinsert: a version to do it many times faster
findanagram: find all anagrams of a given word
findanagrams: find all non-singleton anagram sets
findbiggestanagramsets: find only the biggest anagram sets
(i.e. those with the most members)
You should only need to edit and change one value:
the IP address of one of your ElasticSearch nodes in the
$elastic variable declared near the top.
Duncan White, Mar 2014
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