Commit d6ddbaad authored by Daniel Liew's avatar Daniel Liew
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Revert "Remove sound ShlExpr optimisation that causes problems with the...

Revert "Remove sound ShlExpr optimisation that causes problems with the solver. This is NOT A GOOD FIX."

This reverts commit bee97262.

We need to fix this properly
parent f5d12c14
......@@ -1233,12 +1233,7 @@ static ref<Expr> ShlExpr_create(const ref<Expr> &l, const ref<Expr> &r) {
if (crv == 0)
return l;
else if (crv >= l->getWidth())
/* FIXME: The commented out optimisation is sound but the
* it seems to cause solver problems (i.e. unit test failures).
* Use unoptimised form for now but this should really be fixed properly at some point.
//return ConstantExpr::create(0, l->getWidth());
return ShlExpr::alloc(l,r);
return ConstantExpr::create(0, l->getWidth());
return ConcatExpr::create(ExtractExpr::create(l, 0, l->getWidth() - crv), ConstantExpr::create(0, crv));
} else if (l->getWidth() == Expr::Bool) { // l & !r
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