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This repository contains the code for the following components:
- Implementations of XAI methods [Lime](, [Shap](, [Torchray]( extended to multimodal classification context: **mmxai/interpretability/classification/**
- Implementation of image inpainting: **mmxai/text_removal/**
- Implementation of [text inpainting](mmxai/text_removal/ **mmxai/text_removal/**
- Our integrated XAI interface application: **web_app/**
......@@ -96,11 +96,3 @@ The components above are well-separated. Future developers can easily expand thi
## Other
- [Web version docs page](
# Supported XAI explainer methods
- [LIME](mmxai/interpretability/classification/lime/
- [SHAP](mmxai/interpretability/classification/shap/
- [TorchRay](mmxai/interpretability/classification/torchray/
# Utility function
- [Text inpainting](mmxai/text_removal/
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