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    feat: changed default behaviour of NC solver · b7ac53a2
    Giuliano Casale authored
    feat: added arbitrary moving window to LN convergence test
    feat: updated task and entry measures in LN
    fix: inconsistent use of carriage return
    chore: added splashscreen message
    feat: added initial CTMC class
    chore: added graphviz4matlab dependency
    feat: new gallery examples for PS queues
    fix: replication attribute not added to LQX file unless necessary
    fix: more checks in APH for zero inputs
    fix: mixed models incorrectly classified by getUsedLangFeatures
    feat: added RGF to NC
    docs: updated manual with RGF
    feat: improved tget to use string inputs
    chore: added config parameter to all runAnalysis methods
    fix: bug in setService, the state needs to be deleted in some cases
    fix: fixed error on return values of mom and comom
    docs: fixed description of state space
    chore: updated authors and changelog
    fix: removed Semantics class from examples
    feat: initial implemnetaiton of getCdfRespT in NC solver
    chore: added cprintf dependence
    refactor: all errors, disp, fprintf, and warnings now through line internal functions
    fix: performance bug in krons
    fix: added scripts of getting started examples
    refactor: added option to include delay in gallery/gallery_cqn.m
    fix: changed seed in getting_started_ex9.m
    feat: added NC code for Norlund-Rice and RD approximations
    fix: fixed major bug in getUsedLangFeatures
    fix: fixed bug in LN performance metrics
    feat: added jmt() script to start JMT
    fix: reinstated round-robin in CTMC and SSA
    refactor: EventType now categorical
    fix: bug in FLUID solution for DPS