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    feat: added all NetworkSolver methods to LINE.m · 99e1184b
    Giuliano Casale authored
    feat: basic support for closed models in MAM solver
    feat: added basic QN2LQN transformation
    feat: improved Network.summary
    feat: added tagChain method
    feat: added SolverCTMC.getCdfSysRespT method
    feat: improved comom algorithms in NC
    feat: faster detection of immediate transitions
    docs: new examples for layered and mixed models
    docs: updated wiki
    docs: updated credits
    fix: Node method can now handle string names
    fix: fixed MAM iteration in some closed models
    fix: pfqn_nc bug
    fix: bug in fluid solver
    fix: JLINE conversion script bug
    refactor: moved fluid solver files
    refactor: removed mapshift field from NetworkStruct
    refactor: removed some m2m transformations
    refactor: handling of Kobayiash approximation in NC and MVA
    refactor: moved nc logic to solver_nc
    refactor: highvar option handling in fluid solver
    refactor: changed defaults for MAM
    refactor: adjusted Custom solver example
    refactor: chains and csmask computations
    refactor: added inchain to sn
    refactor: sn.refclass now indexed by chains
    refactor: changed resets in LN iteration loop
    perf: fixed major performance bug in caching layers
    chore: added missing jars
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