1. 06 Jul, 2022 1 commit
  2. 14 Jun, 2022 2 commits
  3. 17 May, 2022 3 commits
  4. 12 May, 2022 9 commits
  5. 11 May, 2022 2 commits
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      feat: added Gaussian quadrature methods with precomputed nodes and weights to NC · 83c500c4
      Giuliano Casale authored
      feat: added repairmen model gallery example
      feat: added install script
      feat: added start file
      feat: added procomom code for homogeneous models to NC
      feat: new fluid solver default method ('matrix') supporting general PH distributions
      docs: updated fluid solver list
      docs: updated Q-MAM and NetworkStruct documentation
      docs: updated example_cacheModel_3
      refactor: NC getProb* now use logarithmic operations
      refactor: removed comombtf method
      refactor: renamed sn.varparam to sn.nodeparam
      refactor: moved Place and Transition parameters to sn.nodeparam
      refactor: improved updateMean methods in MarkovianDistributions
      refactor: renamed basic fluid solver to matrix fluid solver
      refactor: fluid stateindep method renamed to closing
      refactor: revised Fluid handling of open models
      refactor: integrated cache-qn models now handled by dedicated analyzers in NC and MVA
      perf: improved performance of Queue.setService for updates
      fix: corrected snGetProductFormParams for refclasses
      fix: performance bug fix in chain computation
      fix: bug in CoMoM java parameter passing
      fix: bug in Network.getChains
      fix: bug in mucache_gamma_lp
      fix: bug in utilization measure of the fluid matrix method
      fix: bug in SolverCTMC.getCdfRespT
      fix: added handling of generic initial state to fluid matrix solver
      fix: minor fixes to solver_fluid_basic
      chore: removed MATLAB project files
      chore: added CONTRIBUTING file
  6. 22 Apr, 2022 4 commits
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      Delete comom-complexnum.mat · e9121b23
      Giuliano Casale authored
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      Add files via upload · 9d7d74ea
      Giuliano Casale authored
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      chore: removed unused jar · 86d3079c
      Giuliano Casale authored
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      feat: added all NetworkSolver methods to LINE.m · 99e1184b
      Giuliano Casale authored
      feat: basic support for closed models in MAM solver
      feat: added basic QN2LQN transformation
      feat: improved Network.summary
      feat: added tagChain method
      feat: added SolverCTMC.getCdfSysRespT method
      feat: improved comom algorithms in NC
      feat: faster detection of immediate transitions
      docs: new examples for layered and mixed models
      docs: updated wiki
      docs: updated credits
      fix: Node method can now handle string names
      fix: fixed MAM iteration in some closed models
      fix: pfqn_nc bug
      fix: bug in fluid solver
      fix: JLINE conversion script bug
      refactor: moved fluid solver files
      refactor: removed mapshift field from NetworkStruct
      refactor: removed some m2m transformations
      refactor: handling of Kobayiash approximation in NC and MVA
      refactor: moved nc logic to solver_nc
      refactor: highvar option handling in fluid solver
      refactor: changed defaults for MAM
      refactor: adjusted Custom solver example
      refactor: chains and csmask computations
      refactor: added inchain to sn
      refactor: sn.refclass now indexed by chains
      refactor: changed resets in LN iteration loop
      perf: fixed major performance bug in caching layers
      chore: added missing jars
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  9. 21 Mar, 2022 1 commit
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      feat: DTMC estimation from sample path · 16e70ffc
      Giuliano Casale authored
      feat: estimation of CTMC and marked CTMC from sample path
      feat: added support for weighted round robin (WRROBIN) to JMT
      feat: added K-choices to JMT
      feat: added system response time for closed fork-join models
      feat: added JMT support for finite capacity regions
      feat: added refreshJobs to update jobs in closed classes
      feat: added message if open or mixed model is unstable
      feat: added getIDC method to MarkovianDistribution
      feat: complete MAP and PH support in CTMC and SSA
      feat: added MMPP2.toMAP method
      feat: added MMAP and M3PP class
      feat: added M3PP and M3A fitting methods
      feat: automatic feasibility checks in MAP
      feat: introduced getMarkedCTMC method for SolverCTMC and for Network
      feat: EmpiricalCDF class
      feat: added MMPP2 fitting methods
      feat: extended MAP and MMPP2 methods
      feat: added Andersen-Nielsen fitting for MAPs
      feat: expanded solver MAM support for fork-join
      feat: extended ACF methods for MarkovModulated processes
      feat: added randomization and ACF functions to MAPs
      feat: new .D, .alpha, and .T methods for Markovian distributions
      feat: automated event-type fix in Event class
      feat: better support for event filtering in MarkedCTMC
      fix: LayeredNetwork.getStruct now uses strcmp rather than strcmpi
      fix: added checks before accessing sn.procid
      fix: afterEvent bug for SSA
      fix: adjusted MAP support in the case of mixed MAP and non-MAP service classes
      fix: patches to advanced multiclass state-dependent routing
      fix: incorrect getAvgNodeTable for Cache nodes
      fix: minor issues in handling MAPs in CTMC and SSA
      refactor: SolverAuto changed to LINE
      refactor: sn.nvars now distinguishes between output and svc local vars
      refactor: JLINE class names
      refactor: established getHitRatio and getMissRatio for Cache nodes
      refactor: fork-join local variables in Network.getStruct renamed to fanIn and fanOut
      refactor: removed Library solver
      refactor: JLINE scripts
      refactor: TauSSA_Integration renamed to LINE2JLINE
      refactor: moved selected lang files
      refactor: /lang/static renamed to /lang/constant
      refactor: methods in LINE2JLINE
      refactor: renamed LabeledCTMC to MarkedCTMC
      docs: extended examples
      docs: added M/MAP/k and MAP/M/k to gallery
      docs: added M/M/1 PS multiclass example
      docs: added example of custom solver
      chore: updated copyrights
      chore: added JLINE jar to git
      chore: updated README
  10. 27 Feb, 2022 9 commits
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      Update README.md · f4686303
      Giuliano Casale authored
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      chore: README update · b1d40648
      Giuliano Casale authored
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      chore: updated README · b0813719
      Giuliano Casale authored
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      feat: LayeredNetwork.writeXML(model,true) writes model with hashed names · 1e3ade93
      Giuliano Casale authored
      feat: added initial support in NC for open and mixed classes
      feat: added multi-server handling to NC open
      feat: enhanced LQN plot figure
      fix: idletproc update in REF task
      fix: getAvgNodeTable.m updated for refclass
      fix: bug in JSIM2LINE for PNs
      fix: getAvgTable inconsisntency with respect to getAvg
      fix: LN keep option bug
      fix: better handling of precedences in LQN parser
      fix: indexing bug in getStruct for LayeredNetworks
      fix: refclass bug
      fix: multiple LN bug fixes, behaviour change in getServiceMatrix.m
      fix: solved LN bug on post-loop
      fix: uncommented curClass entries in buildLayerRecursive
      fix: bug in lognormal sampling
      fix: bug in handling test_LQN_9.xml
      fix: bug fix in entry RespT computation
      fix: applied correct visit rescaling to svcts in LN
      fix: getSysAvg bug in the presence of refclasses
      fix: added exception for multi-source JMT models
      fix: incorrect getCdfRespT praqma statement
      fix: incorrect routing entry in buildLayersRecursive.m
      fix: handling of FCFS nodes and multiple initial states in getProb*
      fix: added error to ncld in case of open or mixed models
      fix: bugs in docker server
      fix: bug fix in LN buildLayersRecursive
      fix: path issues in BPMN examples
      refactor: parseXML now maps CV<1 to APH
      refactor: buildLoose renamed buildLayers
      refactor: behavior change in getServiceMatrix
      refactor: changed plot colors in LQNs
      refactor: NC computation algorithms now also parametric in open arrival rates
      chore: commented out diary command in BPMN examples
      chore: updated README information on docker image
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      Update README.md · 3e109f0b
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      Update README.md · 50906ae9
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      Update README.md · 09a6e59e
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      Update README.md · 25e6afaa
      Giuliano Casale authored
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