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......@@ -309,9 +309,12 @@ manualSynsTable
= concat [[(w, w'), (w', w)] | (w, ws) <- synList, w' <- ws]
-- Note: These largely align with definition noise words (links)
= ["a","an","one","the","this","that","that is",
"that's","these","they","it's","what's","what is"]
= ["a","an","it","it's","one","that","that is","that's","the",
"there's","these","they","this","what's","what is","who","who's"]
-- Used to filter out bad definitions
......@@ -734,6 +737,7 @@ indirectSynonymsTable
("swimmers", "fish"),
("very large", "enormous"),
("very big", "enormous"),
("veg", "vegetable"),
("volume", "amount"),
("volumes", "amounts"),
("winger", "bird"),
......@@ -2389,6 +2393,7 @@ synList
("atrium", ["entrance","entrace hall"]),
("atria", ["entrances","entrace halls"]),
("award", ["diploma"]),
("awful", ["bum"]),
("badly made", ["gimcrack"]),
("ballet", ["cinderella","giselle","nutcracker","spartacus",
......@@ -2542,6 +2547,8 @@ synList
("craft", ["art"]),
("crockery", ["pots"]),
("cry of pain", ["ow","ouch"]),
("cup", ["bra"]),
("cups", ["bra","bras"]),
("cur", map (++" dog") ["angry","aggressive","unkempt","vicious"]),
("currency", ["lire","krone","cent"]),
("current", ["i"]),
......@@ -2703,7 +2710,8 @@ synList
("japanese sash", ["obi"]),
("keep going", ["presson"]),
("keynote", ["mese"]),
("king", ["lear"]),
("king", ["henry","lear","richard","stephen","tut",
("knocks", ["poohpoohs"]),
("l", ["large-size","large-sized"]),
("lack of restraint", ["licence"]),
......@@ -2815,6 +2823,7 @@ synList
("per year", ["pa"]),
("philosopher", ["plato","bacon"]),
("piece", ["bit","pawn","man"]),
("plant", ["moss"]),
("planted", ["under"]),
("polar", ["n","s"]),
("pompous", ["selfimportant"]),
......@@ -2888,6 +2897,7 @@ synList
("small intenstine", ["ileum"]),
("small space", ["alcove"]),
("small worker", ["ant"]),
("small bit", ["mote"]),
("smarter", ["brainier"]),
("sober", ["tt"]),
("social worker", ["ant","bee"]),
......@@ -2915,14 +2925,17 @@ synList
("term", ["hilary","michaelmas","trinity"]),
("terrible", ["bum"]),
("that place", ["there"]),
("theme", ["leitmotif"]),
("therapy", ["treatment"]),
("this evening", ["tonight"]),
("this place", ["here"]),
("time", ["t","h","m","s","am","pm","ms","ns","ps","fs"]),
("tiny bit", ["mote"]),
("tobacco", ["fag","nicotiana"]),
("took", ["denuded"]),
("track", ["ry"]),
("trains", ["ry"]),
("traffic light", ["red","amber","green"]),
("tree", ["tooart"]),
......@@ -3500,6 +3513,101 @@ abbreviationsTable
= [("666", ["mb"]),
-- Name abbreviations...
("abigail", ["abig"]),
("abraham", ["abe"]),
("agnes", ["agn"]),
("alexander", ["alex"]),
("alfred,", ["alf"]),
("alphonse", ["alf"]),
("ambrose", ["amb"]),
("andrew", ["andy"]),
("anthony", ["ant","tony"]),
("arthur", ["art"]),
("augustus", ["aug"]),
("barbara", ["barb","babs"]),
("bartholomew", ["bart"]),
("benjamin", ["benj"]),
("catherine", ["cath","cathy"]),
("charles", ["chas"]),
("christian", ["chr"]),
("clement", ["clem"]),
("constance", ["const"]),
("cornelius", ["corn"]),
("daniel", ["dan"]),
("david", ["dave"]),
("deborah", ["deb","debs"]),
("dennis", ["den"]),
("douglas", ["doug"]),
("dorothy", ["dot"]),
("edmund", ["ed"]),
("edward", ["ed","ted","eddy","eddie"]),
("edward", ["ed"]),
("elizabeth", ["liz"]),
("frederick", ["fred"]),
("francis", ["fs"]),
("gabriel", ["gabby"]),
("geoffrey", ["geoff"]),
("godfrey", ["godf"]),
("gregory", ["greg"]),
("hannah", ["han"]),
("henry", ["hal","hy","hen"]),
("helen", ["hel"]),
("herbert", ["herb"]),
("isabel", ["izzy"]),
("james", ["jim","jas"]),
("jeremiah", ["jerry"]),
("jeremy", ["jerry"]),
("johathan", ["jon"]),
("johathon", ["jon"]),
("joseph", ["jos"]),
("joshua", ["josh"]),
("josiah", ["josh"]),
("judith", ["jude"]),
("laurence", ["larry"]),
("lawrence", ["larry"]),
("leonard", ["leon"]),
("lydia", ["lyd"]),
("margaret", ["maggy"]),
("matthias", ["math"]),
("matthew", ["matt"]),
("michael", ["mick"]),
("millicent", ["milly"]),
("mary", ["my"]),
("nathaniel", ["nath","natt"]),
("nicholas", ["nick"]),
("oliver", ["ol","oli","olly"]),
("patrick", ["pat"]),
("penelope", ["pen","penny"]),
("peter", ["pet"]),
("philip", ["phil"]),
("phineas", ["phin"]),
("phyllis", ["phyl"]),
("priscilla", ["prisc"]),
("prudence", ["pru"]),
("raymond", ["ray"]),
("rebecca", ["becky"]),
("reginald", ["reg"]),
("richard", ["rich","rick"]),
("robert", ["rob"]),
("roger", ["rog"]),
("sally", ["sal"]),
("samuel", ["sam"]),
("sylvester", ["silv"]),
("solomon", ["sol"]),
("stephen", ["steve"]),
("susan", ["sue"]),
("theodore", ["theo"]),
("thomas", ["tom"]),
("timothy", ["tim"]),
("valentine", ["val"]),
("vincent", ["vince","vinny"]),
("walter", ["walt"]),
("winifred", ["win","winnie"]),
("william", ["bill","wm","will"]),
("christopher", ["chris"]),
("zachariah", ["zach"]),
-- END
("a follower", ["b"]),
("able seaman", ["ab"]),
("about", ["ca","re","c"]),
......@@ -3533,7 +3641,7 @@ allAbbreviations
("alternating current", ["ac"]),
("alto", ["a"]),
("aluminium", ["al"]),
("amateur", ["l"]),
("amateur", ["a","l"]),
("ambassador", ["he"]),
("america", ["us","usa","am"]),
("american", ["am","amer","us"]),
......@@ -3654,6 +3762,7 @@ allAbbreviations
("before christ", ["ac","bc"]),
("before food", ["ac"]),
("before the day", ["ad"]),
("beginner", ["l"]),
("beginning", ["alpha"]),
("being broadcast", ["on"]),
("bel", ["b"]),
......@@ -5123,6 +5232,7 @@ allAbbreviations
("square root of 1", ["j","i"]),
("stand in", ["sub"]),
("standard", ["par"]),
("starter", ["l"]),
("starting price", ["sp"]),
......@@ -76,7 +76,7 @@ evaluate ps pCache clue@(clueText, n) answer evalCacheOn
let evalCandidate cand = if evalCacheOn && null answer
then indexEvalCache evCache i j k cand
else evalB cand t UseAllSyns evalCacheOn nullAnagramText,
rt <- trace (show tnum ++ " " ++ show nTrees) $
rt <- -- trace (show tnum ++ " " ++ show nTrees) $
-- Uncomment one of the following. The first uses the cache;
-- the second doesn't. The False argument ensures that all
......@@ -344,7 +344,7 @@ evaluate ps pCache clue@(clueText, n) answer evalCacheOn
-- i.e. TRIBE. With these in, we can't solve for UNKEMPT.
evalSubtextB t matchType matcherM matcherC generator
| True = rawTextMatches
-- | True = rawTextMatches
| expander == UseTextSyns
= rawTextMatches
| isSynonymTree t || isHyponymTree t
......@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@ defNoise
......@@ -145,6 +146,8 @@ anagramNoise
......@@ -1683,6 +1686,8 @@ anagramInd2
......@@ -2031,17 +2036,34 @@ oddsInd1
= ["50-50",
"at odds",
"at odds",
"even go",
"even gone",
"even missing",
"every other",
"no even",
"not even",
"even without",
"every other",
"every so often",
"no even",
"not even",
"without even"]
= oddsNoise
......@@ -2051,17 +2073,32 @@ evensInd1
= ["50-50",
"every other",
"every other",
"every so often",
"no odds",
"not odd",
"not odd",
"odd go",
"odd missing",
"odds removed",
"removed odds",
"without odd"]
= ["a",
......@@ -2225,6 +2262,7 @@ firstLetterWords
"not entirely",
"not half",
"not quite",
......@@ -2813,7 +2851,9 @@ lessableEndLetterWords
= ["bare",
= ["bandage",
......@@ -2826,7 +2866,7 @@ endLetterWords
......@@ -2838,6 +2878,7 @@ endLetterWords
......@@ -2854,6 +2895,7 @@ endLetterWords
"half hearted",
"inside out",
"left and right",
......@@ -2889,6 +2931,7 @@ endLetterWords
......@@ -2943,6 +2986,8 @@ homophoneNoise
......@@ -3046,6 +3091,8 @@ hyponymNoise
......@@ -3520,6 +3567,7 @@ insertionWords
......@@ -3652,6 +3700,7 @@ envelopingWords
......@@ -3763,6 +3812,7 @@ surroundingWords
......@@ -4374,6 +4424,7 @@ charadeNoise
......@@ -155,3 +155,43 @@ engaged in politics -> ELECTIONEERING(E=european + LECT(first letters[with
brief] lecture) + IONEE(anagram[about] IEONE(IE=that is + one)) + RING=group)
The longest clue and answer: 522K parses. Should use insertion rather than
("Removing wrappers to use gas over, Lloyd prepared food", 7) 28575
prepared food -> SAVELOY(middle letters[removing wrappers to] USE GAS OVER LLOYD(use + gas + over + lloyd))
("Sacred work is a tiny bit tacky at the outset", 5) 28577
sacred work ->[is] MOTET(MOTE=a tiny bit + T(first letters[at the outset] tacky))
(I made it into one word)...
("Cups in large boxes right? That's a mental lapse",9) 28578
that's a mental lapse -> BRAINFART(BRA=cups + in + FART(insert[boxes] R=right into FAT=large))
("Athenian's dip in defeat, alas, a marathon backfiring", 12) 28578
athenian's dip -> TARAMASALATA(middle letters[in] NOHTARAM A SALA TAEFED(reversal[backfiring] DEFEATALASAMARATHON(defeat + alas + a + marathon)))
("Adolescent growth, terrible mistake",8) 28578
adolescent growth -> BUMFLUFF(BUM=terrible + FLUFF=mistake)
("Fungus by the sea gets wet, finally", 5) 28578
fungus -> YEAST(last letters[finally] BY SEA GETS WET(by + SEA=the sea + gets + wet))
("Quite forgetting to count",5) 28575
count -> TALLY(subtract[forgetting] to from TOTALLY=quite)
*Solver> solveAll ("Sets of offices",8) 28560
sets -> REPLACES(RE=of + PLACES=offices)
sets ->[of] BACKINGS=offices
sets ->[of] STATIONS=offices
sets ->[of] CABINETS=offices
sets ->[of] SERVICES=offices
sets ->[of] SECTIONS=offices
*Solver> solve ("Wet track limits Asians every so often", 5) G28569
wet -> RAINY(insert[limits] AIN(odd letters[asians]) into RY=track)
*Solver> solve ("Left old university? Not entirely true",5) G28569 Needs
true -> LOYAL(L=left + O=old + YAL(first letters[not entirely] YALE=university))
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