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Downloaded sample amazon review file and created python script to play around with it

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import nltk
import pandas as pd
reviews = pd.read_csv('sample_us.tsv', sep='\t')
marketplace customer_id review_id product_id product_parent product_title product_category star_rating helpful_votes total_votes vine verified_purchase review_headline review_body review_date
US 18778586 RDIJS7QYB6XNR B00EDBY7X8 122952789 Monopoly Junior Board Game Toys 5 0 0 N Y Five Stars Excellent!!! 2015-08-31
US 24769659 R36ED1U38IELG8 B00D7JFOPC 952062646 56 Pieces of Wooden Train Track Compatible with All Major Train Brands Toys 5 0 0 N Y Good quality track at excellent price Great quality wooden track (better than some others we have tried). Perfect match to the various vintages of Thomas track that we already have. There is enough track here to have fun and get creative incorporating your key pieces with track splits, loops and bends. 2015-08-31
US 44331596 R1UE3RPRGCOLD B002LHA74O 818126353 Super Jumbo Playing Cards by S&S Worldwide Toys 2 1 1 N Y Two Stars Cards are not as big as pictured. 2015-08-31
US 23310293 R298788GS6I901 B00ARPLCGY 261944918 Barbie Doll and Fashions Barbie Gift Set Toys 5 0 0 N Y my daughter loved it and i liked the price and it came ... my daughter loved it and i liked the price and it came to me rather than shopping with a ton of people around me. Amazon is the Best way to shop! 2015-08-31
US 38745832 RNX4EXOBBPN5 B00UZOPOFW 717410439 Emazing Lights eLite Flow Glow Sticks - Spinning Light LED Toy Toys 1 1 1 N Y DONT BUY THESE! Do not buy these! They break very fast I spun then for 15 minutes and the end flew off don't waste your money. They are made from cheap plastic and have cracks in them. Buy the poi balls they work a lot better if you only have limited funds. 2015-08-31
US 13394189 R3BPETL222LMIM B009B7F6CA 873028700 Melissa & Doug Water Wow Coloring Book - Vehicles Toys 5 0 0 N Y Five Stars Great item. Pictures pop thru and add detail as "painted." Pictures dry and it can be repainted. 2015-08-31
US 2749569 R3SORMPJZO3F2J B0101EHRSM 723424342 Big Bang Cosmic Pegasus (Pegasis) Metal 4D High Performance Generic Battling Top BB-105 Toys 3 2 2 N Y Three Stars To keep together, had to use crazy glue. 2015-08-31
US 41137196 R2RDOJQ0WBZCF6 B00407S11Y 383363775 Fun Express Insect Finger Puppets 12ct Toy Toys 5 0 0 N Y Five Stars I was pleased with the product. 2015-08-31
US 433677 R2B8VBEPB4YEZ7 B00FGPU7U2 780517568 Fisher-Price Octonauts Shellington's On-The-Go Pod Toy Toys 5 0 0 N Y Five Stars Children like it 2015-08-31
US 1297934 R1CB783I7B0U52 B0013OY0S0 269360126 Claw Climber Goliath/ Disney's Gargoyles Toys 1 0 1 N Y Shame on the seller !!! Showed up not how it's shown . Was someone's old toy. with paint on it. 2015-08-31
US 52006292 R2D90RQQ3V8LH B00519PJTW 493486387 100 Foot Multicolor Pennant Banner Toys 5 0 0 N Y Five Stars Really liked these. They were a little larger than I thought, but still fun. 2015-08-31
US 32071052 R1Y4ZOUGFMJ327 B001TCY2DO 459122467 Pig Jumbo Foil Balloon Toys 5 0 0 N Y Nice huge balloon Nice huge balloon! Had my local grocery store fill it up for a very small fee, it was totally worth it! 2015-08-31
US 7360347 R2BUV9QJI2A00X B00DOQCWF8 226984155 Minecraft Animal Toy (6-Pack) Toys 5 0 1 N Y Five Stars Great deal 2015-08-31
US 11613707 RSUHRJFJIRB3Z B004C04I4I 375659886 Disney Baby: Eeyore Large Plush Toys 4 0 0 N Y Four Stars As Advertised 2015-08-31
US 13545982 R1T96CG98BBA15 B00NWGEKBY 933734136 Team Losi 8IGHT-E RTR AVC Electric 4WD Buggy Vehicle (1/8 Scale) Toys 3 2 4 N Y ... servo so expect to spend 150 more on a good servo immediately be the stock one breaks right Comes w a 15$ servo so expect to spend 150 more on a good servo immediately be the stock one breaks right away 2015-08-31
US 43880421 R2ATXF4QQ30YW B00000JS5S 341842639 Hot Wheels 48- Car storage Case With Easy Grip Carrying Case Toys 5 0 0 N Y Five Stars awesome ! Thanks! 2015-08-31
US 1662075 R1YS3DS218NNMD B00XPWXYDK 210135375 ZuZo 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera & LED Lights, 38 x 38 x 7cm Toys 5 4 4 N N The closest relevance I have to items like these is while in the army I was trained ... I got this item for me and my son to play around with. The closest relevance I have to items like these is while in the army I was trained in the camera rc bots. This thing is awesome we tested the range and got somewhere close to 50 yards without an issue. Getting the controls is a bit tricky at first but after about twenty minutes you get the feel for it. The drone comes just about fly ready you just have to sync the controller. I am definitely a fan of the drones now. Only concern I have is maybe a little more silent but other than that great buy.<br /><br />*Disclaimer I received this product at a discount for my unbiased review. 2015-08-31
US 18461411 R2SDXLTLF92O0H B00VPXX92W 705054378 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-Machines Tiger Claw in Safari Truck Diecast Vehicle Toys 5 0 0 N Y Five Stars It was a birthday present for my grandson and he LOVES IT!! 2015-08-31
US 27225859 R4R337CCDWLNG B00YRA3H4U 223420727 Franklin Sports MLB Fold Away Batting Tee Toys 3 0 1 Y N Got wrong product in the shipment Got a wrong product from Amazon Vine and unable to provide a good review. We received a pair of cute girls gloves and a baseball ball instead, while we were expecting a boys batting tee. The gloves are cute, however made for at least 6+ yrs or above...more likely 8-9 yrs old girls.<br /><br />Can't provide a fair review as we were not able to use the product. 2015-08-31
US 20494593 R32Z6UA4S5Q630 B009T8BSQY 787701676 Alien Frontiers: Factions Toys 1 0 0 N Y Overpriced. You need expansion packs 3-5 if you want access to the player aids for the Factions expansion. The base game of Alien Frontiers just plays so much smoother than adding Factions with the expansion packs. All this will do is pigeonhole you into a certain path to victory. 2015-08-31
US 6762003 R1H1HOVB44808I B00PXWS1CY 996611871 Holy Stone F180C Mini RC Quadcopter Drone with Camera 2.4GHz 6-Axis Gyro Bonus Battery and 8 Blades Toys 5 1 1 N N Five Stars Awesome customer service and a cool little drone! Especially for the price! 2015-08-31
US 25402244 R4UVQIRZ5T1FM 1591749352 741582499 Klutz Sticker Design Studio: Create Your Own Custom Stickers Craft Kit Toys 4 1 2 N Y Great product for little girls! I got these for my daughters for plane trip. I liked that the zipper pouch was attached for markers. However, that pouch fell off. But the girls have loved coloring their own stickers. Would def buy this again. 2015-08-31
US 32910511 R226K8IJLRPTIR B00V5DM3RE 587799706 Yoga Joes - Green Army Men Toys Toys 5 0 1 N Y Creative and fun! My girlfriend and I are both into yoga and I gave her a set of the Yoga Joes for her new home yoga room. When she saw them, she was impressed that I had found little green army men like her brother used to play with. Then she realized they were doing yoga and she almost exploded with delight. You should have seen the look on her face. Needless to say, the gift was a huge hit. They are absolutely brilliant! 2015-08-31
US 18206299 R3031Q42BKAN7J B00UMSVHD4 135383196 Lalaloopsy Girls Basic Doll- Prairie Dusty Trails Toys 4 1 1 N N i like it but i absoloutely hate that some dolls don't ... i like it but i absoloutely hate that some dolls don't have pets like this one so I'm not stoked and i really would have liked to see her pet 2015-08-31
US 26599182 R44NP0QG6E98W B00JLKI69W 375626298 WOW Toys Town Advent Calendar Toys 3 1 1 N Y We love how well they are made We have MANY Wow toys in our home. We love how well they are made. The advent calendar is an exception. The plastic is thinner than our other wow toys and the barn animals won't even stand up on their own due to the head weighing more than the body and uneven base of the toy. Very disappointing when we love the concept. The story to read along with everyday is great. I would have preferred quality (and would have paid more for it) instead of a cheap &#34;knock-off&#34; of the rest of their toy line. It is very obvious by the weight of the toys sloppy paint jobs which items in our &#34;Wow Toys&#34; bin are part advent calendar vs. the rest of the toys we have. Also there is a lot of overlap between the wow town advent calendar & winter wonderland calendar, which makes me want to look for alternatives for this year's advent calendar options. 2015-08-31
US 128540 R24VKWVWUMV3M3 B004S8F7QM 829220659 Cards Against Humanity Toys 5 0 0 N Y Five Stars Tons of fun 2015-08-31
US 125518 R2MW3TEBPWKENS B00MZ6BR3Q 145562057 Monster High Haunted Student Spirits Porter Geiss Doll Toys 5 0 0 N Y Five Stars Love it great add to collecton 2015-08-31
US 15048896 R3N01IESYEYW01 B001CTOC8O 278247652 Star Wars Clone Wars Clone Trooper Child's Deluxe Captain Rex Costume Toys 5 0 1 N Y Five Stars Exactly as described. Fits my 7-yr old well! 2015-08-31
US 12191231 RKLAK7EPEG5S6 B00BMKL5WY 906199996 LEGO Creative Tower Building Kit XXL 1600 Pieces 10664 Toys 5 1 2 N Y The children LOVED them and best part was that it helped the ... Purchased these Lego's to help aid me with teaching my Sunday School class. The children LOVED them and best part was that it helped the children remember past lessons. The true Lego brand seem to work/snap together/fit together better than the generic brands. (Plus I had some Lego snobs in my class that only would use the real Lego brand and shunned the generic brand). Only wish Lego's were a little cheaper but you get what you pay for and I would recommend for quality to purchase this set. 2015-08-31
US 18409006 R1HOJ5GOA2JWM0 B00L71H0F4 692305292 Barkology Princess the Poodle Hand Puppet Toys 2 1 1 N Y My little dog can bite my hand right through the puupet. IT's OK, but not as good as the old Bite Meez puppets. This puppet is very thin. My little yorkie often bites my hands right through the stuffing. It not durable enough to really play with. 2015-08-31
US 42523709 RO5VL1EAPX6O3 B004CLZRM4 59085350 Intex Mesh Lounge (Colors May Vary) Toys 1 0 0 N Y Save your money...don't buy! This was to be a gift for my husband for our new pool. Did not receive the color I ordered but most of all after only one month of use (not continuously) the mesh pulled away from the material and the inflatable side. Completely shredded and no longer of use. It was stored properly and was not kept outside or in the pool. Poorly made, better off going to W**-M*** and getting something on clearance. 2015-08-31
US 45601416 R3OSJU70OIBWVE B000PEOMC8 895316207 Intex River Run I Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float, 53 in Diameter Toys 5 0 0 N Y but I've bought one in the past and loved Ended up sending this guy back because I didnt need it, but I've bought one in the past and loved it 2015-08-31
US 47546726 R3NFZZCJSROBT4 B008W1BPWQ 397107238 Peppa Pig 7 Wood Puzzles In Wooden Storage Box (styles will vary) Toys 3 0 0 N Y Three Stars The product is good, but the box was broken. 2015-08-31
US 21448082 R47XBGQFP039N B00FZX71BI 480992295 Paraboard - Parallel Charging Board for Lipos with EC5 Connectors Toys 5 0 0 N Y CAN SAVE TME IF YOU UNDESTAND HOW IT WORKS . Works well ,quality product but this style of board will charge multiple batteries at the same time SAFELY ( IF ) ALL BATTERIES ARE OF THE SAME CELL COUNT , THE SAME BATTERY COMPOSITION ( LIPO, NIMH-etc ) AND THEY MUST HAVE INDIVIDUAL CELL VOLTAGES THAT ARE VERY CLOSE AND EQUAL TO EACH BATTERY CONNECTED AT THE SAME TIME . When board is connected to most if not all chargers it can only read total and individual cell voltage of ONE OF THE BATTERIES AND MAY OVER OR UNDER CHARGE THE OTHERS TO SOME DEGREE , TOTAL RATE OF CHARGE IS DIVIDED EQUALLY BETWEEN BATTERIES CONNECTED AT THE SAME TIME . Close monitoring is a must when using like all high discharge batteies . I have only personally expeienced one lipo battery meltdown and it is a very SHORT IF NOT NON EXISTANT WINDOW OF OPPERUNITY TO PREVENT OR MINIMISE THE COLATTERAL DAMAGE ONCE THE PROCESS STARTS . Read and understand all charging and battery instructions . 2015-08-31
US 12612039 R1JS8G26X4RM2G B00D4NJSJE 408940178 The Game of Life Money and Asset Board Game, Fame Edition Toys 5 0 1 N Y Five Stars Great gift! 2015-08-31
US 44928701 R1ORWPFQ9EDYA0 B000HZZT7W 967346376 LCR Dice Game (Red Chips) Toys 5 0 0 N Y Five Stars We play this game quite a bit with friends. 2015-08-31
US 43173394 R1YIX4SO32U0GT B002G54DAA 57447684 BCW - Deluxe Currency Slab - Regular Bill - Dollar / Currency Collecting Supplies Toys 5 0 1 N Y BCW - Deluxe Currency Slab Fits my $20 bill perfectly. 2015-08-31
US 11210951 R1W3QQZ8JKECCI B003JT0L4Y 876626440 Ocean Life Stamps Birthday Party Supplies Loot Bag Accessories 24 Pieces per Unit Toys 5 0 0 N Y Fun for birthday party favor I ordered these for my 3 year old son's birthday party as party favors. They were a huge hit & the perfect fit for a 3 year old! 2015-08-31
US 12918717 RZX17JIYIPAR B00KQUNNZ8 644368246 New Age Scare Halloween Party Pumpkin and Bat Hanging Round Lantern Decoration, Paper, 9" Pack of 3 Toys 5 0 0 N N Love the prints! These paper lanterns are adorable! The colors are bright, the patterns are fun & trendy & they're a good size! They came well packaged & are easy to assemble, they're also really easy to take apart & flatten back down! We'll get to use them for a few Halloweens I'm sure! They even came with the string needed to hang! I'm glad I grabbed them, they're really cute, my kids are excited to add to the Halloween decor & are already asking to hang them!<br />I received this item at a discount for my unbiased review. 2015-08-31
US 47781982 RIDVQ4P3WJR42 B00WTGGGRO 162262449 Pokemon - Double Dragon Energy (97/108) - XY Roaring Skies Toys 5 1 1 N Y Five Stars My Grandson loves these cards. Thank you 2015-08-31
US 34874898 R1WQ3ME3JAG2O1 B00WAKEQLW 824555589 Whiffer Sniffers Mystery Pack 1 Scented Backpack Clip Toys 1 0 6 N Y One Star Received a pineapple rather than the advertised s'more 2015-08-31
US 20962528 RNTPOUDQIICBF B00M5AT30G 548190970 AmiGami Fox and Owl Figure 2-Pack Toys 4 0 0 N Y Four Stars Christmas gift for 6yr 2015-08-31
US 47781982 R3AHZWWOL0IAV0 B00GNDY40U 438056479 Pokemon - Gyarados (31/113) - Legendary Treasures Toys 5 0 0 N Y Five Stars My Grandson loves these cards. Thank you 2015-08-31
US 13328687 R3PDXKS9O2Z20B B00WJ1OPMW 120071056 LeapFrog LeapTV Letter Factory Adventures Educational, Active Video Game Toys 5 0 0 N N they LOVE this game Even though both of my kids are at the top of this age recommendation level, they LOVE this game! I love how it caters to the kinesthetic learner by asking them to move their bodies into the shape of the letters. It even takes teamwork as sometimes two people are required to finish the letter. My kids know all of their letter sounds and shapes, but this didn't stop them from playing the game over and over. 2015-08-31
US 16245463 R23URALWA7IHWL B00IGXV9UI 765869385 Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue Scoop & Spray Firefighter Dusty Toys 5 0 0 N Y Five Stars My 5 year old son loves this. 2015-08-31
US 11916403 R36L8VKT9ZSUY6 B00JVY9J1M 771795950 Winston Zeddmore & Ecto-1: Funko POP! Rides x Ghostbusters Vinyl Figure Toys 5 0 0 N Y Five Stars love it 2015-08-31
US 5543658 R23JRQR6VMY4TV B008AL15M8 211944547 Yu-Gi-Oh! - Solemn Judgment (GLD5-EN045) - Gold Series: Haunted Mine - Limited Edition - Ghost/Gold Hybrid Rare Toys 5 0 0 N Y Absolutely one of the best traps in the game Absolutely one of the best traps in the game. It is never a dead and always live since you can always pay half your lifepoints for its cost. It's main power is that it can stop any card. Hopefully this card comes off the Forbidden/Limited list soon. 2015-08-31
US 41168357 R3T73PQZZ9F6GT B00CAEEDC0 72805974 Seat Pets Car Seat Toy Toys 5 0 0 N Y Five Stars really soft and cute 2015-08-31
US 32866903 R300I65NW30Y19 B000TFLAZA 149264874 Baby Einstein Octoplush Toys 5 0 0 N Y Five Stars baby loved it - so attractive and very nice 2015-08-31
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