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from stanfordcorenlp import StanfordCoreNLP
from xml.etree.ElementTree import ElementTree, parse, tostring, Element, SubElement
from nltk.tree import ParentedTree as Tree
import re
from xml.dom import minidom
import os
filepath = 'Laptops_Test_Gold.xml'
output = 'SemEval_2014_Laptop_Test_with_labelled_parse_trees.xml'
nlp = StanfordCoreNLP(r'/Users/joeloksanen/stanford-corenlp-full-2018-10-05')
root = Element('data')
opinion_labels = ['negative', 'neutral', 'positive', 'conflict']
prepared_counts = {
'positive': 0,
'neutral': 0,
'negative': 0,
'conflict': 0
input = parse(filepath)
for sentence in input.getroot():
text = sentence.find('text').text
# replace all occurrences of two or more . with standardised ...
text = re.sub('[.][.]+', '...', text)
if not sentence.find('aspectTerms'):
for aspect_term in sentence.find('aspectTerms'):
arg_from = int(aspect_term.attrib['from'])
arg_to = int(aspect_term.attrib['to'])
opinion = aspect_term.attrib['polarity']
# get corenlp tree with argument in place
parse_tree_str = nlp.parse(text[:arg_from] + 'ARG' + text[arg_to:])
# replace argument with ARG in tree
parse_tree = Tree.fromstring(parse_tree_str)
# for subtree in parse_tree.subtrees():
# if ' '.join(subtree.leaves()) == argument:
# for child in list(subtree):
# subtree.remove(child)
# subtree.insert(0, 'ARG')
labelled_parse_tree_str = str(parse_tree)
instance_node = SubElement(root, 'instance')
text_node = SubElement(instance_node, 'text')
text_node.text = text
opinion_node = SubElement(instance_node, 'opinion')
opinion_node.text = opinion
opinion_tree_node = SubElement(instance_node, 'tree')
opinion_tree_node.text = labelled_parse_tree_str
prepared_counts[opinion] += 1
xmlstr = minidom.parseString(tostring(root)).toprettyxml(indent=' ')
xmlstr = os.linesep.join([s for s in xmlstr.splitlines() if s.strip()])
with open(output, 'w') as f:
import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
from stanfordcorenlp import StanfordCoreNLP
import re
tree = ET.parse('')
reviews = tree.getroot()
nlp = StanfordCoreNLP(r'/Users/joeloksanen/stanford-corenlp-full-2018-10-05')
for review in reviews:
sentences = review[0]
assert sentences.tag == 'sentences'
for sentence in sentences:
opinions = sentence.find('Opinions')
if opinions is None:
text_node = sentence.find('text')
# replace all occurrences of two or more . with standardised ...
text_node.text = re.sub('[.][.]+', '...', text_node.text)
parse_tree_str = nlp.parse(text_node.text)
parse_tree = ET.Element('tree')
parse_tree.text = parse_tree_str
from xml.etree.ElementTree import ElementTree, parse, Element, SubElement
from nltk.tokenize import word_tokenize
import string
from nltk.tree import ParentedTree as Tree
glossary = {
'laptop': ['computer', 'device', 'machine', 'price', 'cost', 'macbook', 'mac', 'pc', 'speed', 'it', 'this', 'product'],
'display': ['monitor', 'screen', 'touchscreen'],
'cpu': ['processor'],
'motherboard': [],
'hard disc': ['storage'],
'memory': ['ram'],
'battery': ['battery life'],
'power supply': ['charger', 'power supply cord', 'power adapter'],
'keyboard': ['keys', 'numpad'],
'mouse': ['mouse pad', 'touchpad'],
'fans cooling': ['fan', 'cooling', 'heat sink'],
'optical drives': ['cd players', 'dvd drive', 'disc drive', 'dvd burner'],
'ports': ['usb port', 'hdmi port', 'vga port', 'card reader', 'firewire port', 'sd card slot', 'dvi port', 'thunderbolt port'],
'graphics': ['graphics card', 'video card', 'graphics chip', 'gpu'],
'multimedia devices': ['sound', 'audio', 'microphone', 'camera', 'webcam', 'speakers', 'headphone'],
'hardware': [],
'os': ['os x', 'windows', 'linux', 'start menu', 'safe mode', 'boot manager', 'drag and drop feature'],
'software': ['office', 'iwork', 'word processor', 'microsoft word', 'powerpoint', 'browser', 'skype', 'iphoto', 'ilife', 'pages', 'keynote', 'antivirus program', 'firewall', 'games', 'facial recognition'],
'warranty': [],
'shipping': ['delivery'],
'support': ['service', 'customer service'],
'company': ['apple', 'hp', 'asus', 'toshiba', 'dell', 'compaq', 'acer', 'lenovo']
included_labels = ['NNP', 'NNPS', 'DT', 'CD', 'FW', 'PRP', '\'\'', '.']
noun_labels = ['NN', 'NNS']
def glossary_terms():
joint_terms = list(glossary.keys()) + [item for l in glossary.values() for item in l]
return ' '.join(joint_terms).split(' ')
def included_noun(t):
return (t.label() in noun_labels and
all(leaf.lower() in glossary_terms() for leaf in t.leaves()))
def get_np_tree(np):
children = []
for np_sub in reversed(np):
if type(np_sub) is Tree:
if np_sub.label() in included_labels or included_noun(np_sub):
subtree, cont = get_np_tree(np_sub)
assert subtree != None
children = [subtree] + children
if not cont:
return (Tree(np.label(), children), False)
return (Tree(np.label(), children) if children else None, False)
children = [np_sub] + children
return (Tree(np.label(), children), True)
def extract_extended_nouns(tree):
phrases = []
for subtree in tree.subtrees():
if subtree.label() == 'NP':
np, _ = get_np_tree(subtree)
if np:
return phrases
def parse_opinion(opinion):
category = opinion.attrib['category']
feature = category[:category.index("#")].lower()
polarity = opinion.attrib['polarity']
return (feature.replace('_', ' '), polarity)
def get_glossary(feature):
return [feature] + glossary[feature] if feature in glossary.keys() else [feature]
def node_value(node):
return node.label() if type(node) is Tree else node
# true if tree2 is a subset of tree1 (with same init node)
def tree_contains(tree1, tree2):
return (node_value(tree1) == node_value(tree2) and
(type(tree2) is not Tree or
(type(tree1) is Tree and
all(any(tree_contains(subtree1, subtree2) for subtree1 in tree1) for subtree2 in tree2))))
def delete_identical_branches(tree1, node1, node2):
if node2 == node1:
del tree1[node1.treeposition()]
elif type(node1) is Tree and type(node2) is Tree:
for subnode2 in node2:
for subnode1 in node1:
delete_identical_branches(tree1, subnode1, subnode2)
# tree2 in tree1 replaced by new leaf 'ARG'
def replace_np(tree1, tree2):
nodes = [tree1]
while len(nodes) > 0:
node = nodes.pop(0)
if type(node) is Tree:
nodes += [n for n in node]
if tree_contains(node, tree2):
node.insert(len(node), 'ARG')
delete_identical_branches(tree1, node, tree2)
def replace_feature_nps_tree(feature, parse_tree, np_trees):
np_matches = []
for np_tree in np_trees:
for token in np_tree.leaves():
if token.lower() in get_glossary(feature):
if len(np_matches) == 0:
return None
unique_nps = np_matches # list(filter(lambda np: not any(tree_contains(np, other_np) for other_np in [x for x in np_matches if x != np]), np_matches))
modified_tree = parse_tree.copy(deep=True)
for unique_np in unique_nps:
replace_np(modified_tree, unique_np)
assert parse_tree != modified_tree
return modified_tree
# parse_tree_str = '''(ROOT
# (S
# (SBAR (RB Ever) (IN since)
# (S
# (NP (PRP I))
# (VP (VBD bought)
# (NP (DT this) (NN laptop)))))
# (, ,)
# (ADVP (RB so) (RB far))
# (NP (PRP I))
# (VP (VBP 've)
# (NP
# (NP (NN experience) (NN nothing))
# (CC but)
# (NP
# (NP (JJ constant) (NN break) (NNS downs))
# (PP (IN of)
# (NP
# (NP (DT the)
# (NP (NN laptop))
# (CC and)
# (NP (JJ bad) (NN customer) (NNS services)))
# (S
# (NP (PRP I))
# (VP (VBD received)
# (PP (IN over)
# (NP (DT the) (NN phone)))
# (PP (IN with)
# (NP (NN toshiba) (NN customer) (NNS services) (NNS hotlines)))))))))))
# (. .)))'''
# parse_tree = Tree.fromstring(parse_tree_str)
# nps = extract_extended_nouns(parse_tree)
# # for n in nps:
# # print(n)
# mod = replace_feature_nps_tree('laptop', parse_tree, nps)
# print(mod)
tree = parse('ABSA16_Laptops_Test_with_parse_trees.xml')
reviews = tree.getroot()
n = len(reviews)
i = 0
prepared_opinions_count = 0
total_opinions_count = 0
prepared_counts = {
'positive': 0,
'neutral': 0,
'negative': 0
train_root = Element('data')
for review in reviews:
sentences = review[0]
assert sentences.tag == 'sentences'
for sentence in sentences:
opinions = sentence.find('Opinions')
if opinions is None:
opinions = set([parse_opinion(opinion) for opinion in opinions])
text = sentence.find('text').text
parse_tree_str = sentence.find('tree').text
parse_tree = Tree.fromstring(parse_tree_str)
nps = extract_extended_nouns(parse_tree)
opinion_trees = []
# attempt to identify opinion target in sentence
for opinion in opinions:
total_opinions_count += 1
modified_tree = replace_feature_nps_tree(opinion[0], parse_tree, nps)
if modified_tree and prepared_counts[opinion[1]] < 526:
prepared_opinions_count += 1
prepared_counts[opinion[1]] += 1
print('review text:')
print('modified text:')
print(' '.join(modified_tree.leaves()))
print('labelled opinion:')
# store in new train_tree
instance_node = SubElement(train_root, 'instance')
text_node = SubElement(instance_node, 'text')
text_node.text = text
opinion_node = SubElement(instance_node, 'opinion')
opinion_node.text = opinion[1]
opinion_tree_node = SubElement(instance_node, 'tree')
opinion_tree_node.text = str(modified_tree)
# print('---')
# print(text)
# print(nps)
# print(opinion)
i += 1
print('{}/{}'.format(i, n))
train_tree = ElementTree(train_root)
print('{}/{} opinions prepared'.format(prepared_opinions_count, total_opinions_count))
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