Commit 5e062a7a authored by Luke Texon's avatar Luke Texon

Moved the dpl heroku installation to the shared runner

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......@@ -46,7 +46,10 @@ deploy to vm:
deploy to heroku:
stage: production
script: dpl --provider=heroku --app=ljt18-simplewebapp --api-key=$API_KEY
- export PATH=/root/.gem/ruby/*/bin:$PATH
- gem install --user-install dpl-heroku
- dpl --provider=heroku --app=ljt18-simplewebapp --api-key=$API_KEY
name: Heroku
FROM ubuntu:latest
RUN apt-get -y update \
&& apt-get -y install git maven openjdk-11-jre openjdk-11-jdk \
pandoc ruby=1:2.5.1 curl texlive-latex-recommended
RUN gem install dpl-heroku -v 1.10.14
&& apt-get -y install maven openjdk-11-jre openjdk-11-jdk \
pandoc texlive-latex-recommended
COPY src /src
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