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# imperial_doc_materials
Python client for the [Materials API]( in DoC
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Python client for the [Materials API]( in DoC.
## Setup
Add this code to your Flask's `````` if not done already (it should already be present in the Flask template):
# Add integration to the Materials API
import imperial_doc_materials
## Using the Materials API in a Flask route
Again, there are examples of this in the template. You must use the ```@using_materials``` decorator before the route function definition. This will give you access to a ```Materials``` client object which you can use to make requests.
@login_required # Indicate that the user must be logged in (via LDAP)
@using_materials # Indicate that we want to access the Materials API
def dashboard(materials_client, user):
my_courses = materials_client.get_courses_for_year("2122")
return render_template('dashboard.html', user=user, my_courses=my_courses)
**Important:** if using other decorators such as ```@login_required``` provided by the [imperial_ldap package](, the parameters to the function appear in inverse order. For example, in the code above, the login decorator appears first, so the ```user``` parameter provided by it goes last.
## The API
### ```Materials``` class:
- Creating a new client given a username and password:
```client = Materials.create_client(username, password)```
- Getting the list of enrolled ```Course```s given an academic year (of the form "2122"):
```courses = client.get_courses_for_year(academic_year)```
- Getting the list of all the ```Resource```s that are available for a given academic year:
```resources = client.get_resources_for_year(academic_year)```
### ```Course``` class:
The available fields of a ```Course``` instance are:
- ```title``` (string): the full name of the course
- ```code``` (string): the code of the course
- ```has_materials``` (bool): whether the course has any materials uploaded
- ```resources``` (List[Resource]): a list of all the ```Resource```s for that course
### ```Resource``` class:
The available fields of a ```Resource``` instance are:
- ```id``` (int): the internal DoC ID of the uploaded resource
- ```title``` (string): the name of the resource
- ```type``` (string): if the course is a "file" or a "link"
- ```category``` (string): the category of the resource
- ```url``` (string): the URL to the resource
- ```course_code``` (string): the code of the corresponding course
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