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......@@ -9,13 +9,13 @@ remind attendees that virtually or not, this is still PLDI.
You can check out the singing abilities of friends and colleagues, including our
own Philippa Gardner, [here](
PLDI 2020 technical program will be run as a single track, 12h a day, from
PLDI 2020's technical program will run as a single track, 12 hours a day, from
Wednesday, 17 June through Friday, 19 June, with co-located events on Monday and
Tuesday, 15-16 June.
Tuesday, 15 and 16 June.
One of these events will be the two-day [REMS+DeepSpec workshop](
organized jointly by the [EPSRC project REMS: Rigorous Engineering for
Mainstream Systems (UK)]( and the NSF
Mainstream Systems (Cambridge, Imperial, and Edinburgh, UK)]( and the NSF
Expedition in Computing ["The Science of Deep Specification" (US)](
The workshop will consist of in-depth presentations by members of the two projects,
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