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title: Six week program Verified Software at the Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge
Philippa Gardner is one of the organisers of the [six week programme Verified
Software at the Isaac Newton Institute](
), Cambridge.
The Verified Software programme includes two workshops, one on
the [Theory and Applications of Verified Software, From Theory to Practice](
and a second one on [Verification Tools and Experiments](
These will be supplemented with smaller workshops and working groups devoted to specialized topics and industrial applications.
The aim of the programme is to bring together a diverse mix of
researchers to take stock of the first fifteen years of [Tony Hoare’s Verified
Software Challenge](
and formulate a concrete roadmap for international cooperation for the next fifteen years.
Participation is by invitation only, but members of Cambridge University
are welcome to sign in as a non-registered attendee on the day(s) and attend
the lecture(s) and there are also [options to participate remotely}(,
as most of the seminars at INI are streamed live and are made available for download as a webseminar shortly after the event.
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