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......@@ -1799,6 +1799,32 @@ partitioned database satisfy their consistency models using trace refinement,
and proving invariant properties of client programs.},
author = {Gabriela Sampaio and
Jos{\'{e}} {Fragoso Santos} and
Petar Maksimovi\'{c}
and Philippa Gardner},
title = {A Trusted Infrastructure for Symbolic Analysis of Event-Driven Web Applications},
booktitle = {34th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP 2020)},
project = { gillian },
year = {2020},
abstract = {We introduce a trusted infrastructure for symbolic analysis of modern
event-driven Web applications. This infrastructure consists of reference
implementations of the DOM Core Level 1 and UI Events, JavaScript Promises,
and the JavaScript async/await APIs, all underpinned by a simple Core Event
Semantics that is sufficiently expressive to describe the event models underlying
all these APIs. Our reference implementations are trustworthy in that they follow
the API respective standards line-by-line and they are thoroughly tested against
the appropriate official test-suites, passing all the applicable tests. Using the
Core Events Semantics and the reference implementations, we develop JaVerT.Click,
a symbolic execution tool for JavaScript that, for the first time, supports reasoning
about JavaScript programs that use some (possibly all) these APIs. Using JaVerT.Click,
we perform comprehensive symbolic testing of the events module of Cash, a widely-used jQuery
alternative, creating a symbolic test suite with 100 per cent line coverage, establishing bounded
correctness of several essential properties of the module, and discovering two subtle,
previously unknown bugs.},
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