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......@@ -365,11 +365,9 @@ The type of the expression given to the return statement must match the return t
Once the return statement is executed, the function is immediately exited.
\paragraph{Exit Statements:}
\hl{If in a function body, an exit statement must be at the very end, or a semantic error will be thrown.
In the main program, everything after the exit statement will not be processed.
The expression given to the exit statement must evaluate to an integer. Once the
exit statement is executed, the function/program is immediately exited with exit code
given by the integer that its sub-expression evaluates to.}
\hl{An exit statement }\lit{exit}\hl{ is used terminate the execution of the running program with a particular exit code. The statement is given an expression that must evaluate to a value with type }\lit{int}\hl{ (with 0 and 1 typically denoting success and failure respectively).}
\hl{Upon encountering an exit statement, a program will terminate immediately after the given expression has been successfully evaluated; any code thereafter will be ignored. }
\fillgap{\hl{define exit statements}}{2 marks}
\paragraph{Print Statements:}
# exit instead of returning from a function
# Output:
# #empty#
# Exit:
# 42
# Program:
char f() is
exit 42
char c = call f() ;
println c ;
exit 0
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