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xz1919: resolved pairType

parent 48c363e1
......@@ -3,6 +3,13 @@ package;
import backend.Instruction;
import backend.InstructionGenerator;
import backend.arm.instructions.BL;
import backend.arm.instructions.LDR;
import backend.arm.instructions.STR;
import backend.arm.instructions.STR.StrMode;
import backend.arm.instructions.addressing.AddressingMode2;
import backend.arm.instructions.addressing.ImmedAddress;
import backend.arm.instructions.addressing.Operand2;
......@@ -67,6 +74,7 @@ import static backend.arm.instructions.STR.StrMode.STRB;
import static backend.arm.instructions.addressing.AddressingMode2.AddrMode2.OFFSET;
import static backend.arm.instructions.addressing.AddressingMode2.AddrMode2.PREINDEX;
import static backend.arm.instructions.arithmeticLogic.ARMArithmeticLogic.armUnopAsm;
import static utils.Utils.ARM_POINTER_SIZE;
import static utils.Utils.BOOL_BASIC_TYPE;
import static utils.Utils.CHAR_ARRAY_TYPE;
import static utils.Utils.CHAR_BASIC_TYPE;
......@@ -74,8 +82,11 @@ import static utils.Utils.FALSE;
import static utils.Utils.FUNC_HEADER;
import static utils.Utils.INTEL_POINTER_SIZE;
import static utils.Utils.INT_BASIC_TYPE;
import static utils.Utils.RoutineInstruction.CHECK_NULL_POINTER;
import static utils.Utils.STRING_BASIC_TYPE;
import static utils.Utils.SystemCallInstruction.MALLOC;
import static utils.Utils.TRUE;
import static utils.Utils.WORD_SIZE;
import static utils.Utils.intToIntelSize;
import static utils.backend.Cond.E;
import static utils.backend.Cond.EQ;
......@@ -322,14 +333,84 @@ public class IntelInstructionGenerator extends InstructionGenerator<IntelInstruc
public Void visitPairElemNode(PairElemNode node) {
/* 1 get pointer to the pair from stack
* store into next available register
* reg is expected register where visit will put value in */
/* e.g. read fst a, (fst a) is used as lhs but (a) is used as rhs */
Register reg =;
boolean isLhsOutside = isLhs;
int size = node.getPair().getType().getSize();
isLhs = false;
isLhs = isLhsOutside;
/* 2 get pointer to child
* store in the same register, save register space
* no need to check whether child has initialised, as it is in lhs */
IntelAddress addr;
if (node.isFirst()) {
addr = new IntelAddress(reg.asIntelRegister());
} else {
addr = new IntelAddress(reg.asIntelRegister(), INTEL_POINTER_SIZE);
instructions.add(new Mov(addr, reg));
if (!isLhs) {
instructions.add(new Mov(new IntelAddress(reg.asIntelRegister()), reg.asIntelRegister().withSize(intToIntelSize.get(size))));
return null;
public Void visitPairNode(PairNode node) {
/* null is also a pairNode
* if one of child is null, the other has to be null */
if (node.getFst() == null || node.getSnd() == null) {
instructions.add(new Mov(new IntelAddress(0), intelRegAllocator.allocate()));
return null;
/* 1 malloc pair */
/* 1.1 move size of a pair in r0
* pair in heap is 2 pointers, so 8 byte */
instructions.add(new Mov(new IntelAddress(2 * INTEL_POINTER_SIZE), rdi));
/* 1.2 BL malloc and get pointer in general use register*/
instructions.add(new Call("malloc@PLT"));
Register pairPointer = intelRegAllocator.allocate();
instructions.add(new Mov(rax, pairPointer));
/* 2 visit both child */
visitPairChildExpr(node.getFst(), pairPointer, 0);
/* pair contains two pointers, each with size 4 */
visitPairChildExpr(node.getSnd(), pairPointer, INTEL_POINTER_SIZE);
return null;
private void visitPairChildExpr(ExprNode child, Register pairPointer, int offset) {
int size = child.getType().getSize();
/* 1 move size of fst child in r0 */
instructions.add(new Mov(new IntelAddress(size), rdi));
/* 2 BL malloc, assign child value and get pointer in heap area pairPointer[0] or [1] */
instructions.add(new Call("malloc@PLT"));
/* 3 visit fst expression, get result in general register */
Register fstVal = intelRegAllocator.curr();
instructions.add(new Mov(fstVal.asIntelRegister().withSize(intToIntelSize.get(size)), new IntelAddress(rax)));
instructions.add(new Mov(rax, new IntelAddress(pairPointer.asIntelRegister(), offset)));
/* free register used for storing child's value */;
public Void visitStringNode(StringNode node) {
/* Add msg into the data list */
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