Commit 926e92f6 authored by expectocode's avatar expectocode
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Add Nejat Alp

parent d13b064b
......@@ -17,6 +17,15 @@ public class QueryProcessor {
"his works of hard science fiction and popular science. \n");
if (query.toLowerCase().contains("alp")) {
results.append("Nejat Alp (born 9 November 1952) is a Turkish musician who\n" +
"plays synth-driven Turkish ambient folk. He began his professional\n" +
"career in 1969 by playing bass for various supporting bands in the\n" +
"clubs of Istanbul. In 1978 he changed his primary instrument from\n" +
"bass to keyboards, and became a vocalist. \n");
return results.toString();
......@@ -25,6 +25,11 @@ public class QueryProcessorTest {
assertThat(queryProcessor.process("Asimov"), containsString("science fiction"));
public void knowsAboutAlp() throws Exception {
assertThat(queryProcessor.process("Alp"), containsString("Turkish ambient folk"));
public void isNotCaseSensitive() throws Exception {
assertThat(queryProcessor.process("shakespeare"), containsString("playwright"));
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