Commit ea5b6cab authored by vpalladi's avatar vpalladi

Added few variables to interface/Event.h

parent 2c9d7ce5
......@@ -1215,6 +1215,8 @@ static double fTrgHitSelectorMipsCut;
static unsigned fTrgC2dCreatorMethod;
static unsigned fTrgC3dCreatorMethod;
static double fNormCooCut;
//const Geometry &fGeometry;
......@@ -1265,8 +1267,10 @@ double Event::fTrgHitSelectorMipsCut=5.0;
unsigned Event::fTrgC2dCreatorMethod=4; /*near neighbours (version 3)*/
unsigned Event::fTrgC3dCreatorMethod=0; /* eta phi clustering */
unsigned Event::fTrgC3dCreatorMethod=2; /* eta phi clustering */
//double Event::fNormCooCut=0.2; /* norm clustering cu in x/z y/z plane */
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