Commit e547647c authored by Zhai Zirun's avatar Zhai Zirun

cleaned up some files

parent 8e37cdd4
Subproject commit 592d529c60886aae44389c6b8e00347149083759
var Uints = new Uint8Array("./public.db");
var db = new SqlJs.Database(Uints);
var sqlstr = "CREATE TABLE productsingredients (product character varying(255), containsgluten boolean, containsdairy boolean, containscorn boolean, containsmeat boolean);";
sqlstr += "INSERT INTO productsingredients VALUES ('6 Chocolate Fairy Cakes', true, true, true, false);";
let sql = `SELECT containsdairy cd,
containsmeat cm,
containscorn cc,
containsgluten cg
FROM productsIngredients
WHERE product=:prod`;
// WHERE Product = ` + product
var stmt = db.prepare(sql);
var result = stmt.getAsObject({':prod' : product});
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