Commit b67d5408 authored by dcw's avatar dcw
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went to new dunc style of list typedefs.

parent 45130002
......@@ -14,37 +14,46 @@
typedef struct declnlist_str *declnlist;
typedef struct shapelist_str *shapelist;
typedef struct paramlist_str *paramlist;
typedef struct printlist_str *printlist;
typedef struct printitem_str *printitem;
struct declnlist;
typedef struct declnlist *declnlist;
struct shapelist;
typedef struct shapelist *shapelist;
struct paramlist;
typedef struct paramlist *paramlist;
struct printlist;
typedef struct printlist *printlist;
struct printitem;
typedef struct printitem *printitem;
#define printitem_is_str 0
#define printitem_is_num 1
struct printitem_str {
struct printitem {
int tag;
int num;
char *str;
struct printlist_str {
struct printlist {
printlist next;
printitem item;
struct paramlist_str {
struct paramlist {
paramlist next;
char *type;
char *name;
struct shapelist_str {
struct shapelist {
shapelist next;
char *name;
paramlist params;
......@@ -52,7 +61,7 @@ struct shapelist_str {
struct declnlist_str {
struct declnlist {
declnlist next;
char *name;
shapelist shapes;
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