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......@@ -14,4 +14,8 @@ In the folder code, there are several Jupyter notebooks that contain the full co
| polgrad_risky_mdp | Multi-Agent SC on Risky MDP env |
| polgrad_wcw | Multi-Agent SC on WCW env, including its variants such as Inverted WCW and MWCW |
| IQN | IQN code, inclusive of monotonically increasing quantile function |
| QRDQN | QRDQN code, for graphs |
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| QRDQN | QRDQN code, for graphs |
The only libraries required for this project are numpy, torch, and gym. Additional libraries are not used.
All code in this repository was written to be used on Google Colab, which runs Python 3.7.11 as checked on 2 September 2021.
The code was also tested on Computing lab machines, such as gpu12, and they run fine.
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